1.The commitment of aftersales service

1.1Quality Assurance
Our company guarantees that the product quality meets the relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards of the purchaser's location, and the service quality meets customer requirements. We also provide product related specification documents.
1.2Delivery Guarantee
Our company has completed production within the time specified in the contract as required, and under the premise of ensuring quality, we can complete the project ahead of schedule according to specific circumstances, saving time and capital for users.
1.3 Supply guarantee
Our company signs a procurement contract with the purchaser within 2 working days after receiving the customer's purchase request. Production begins within 3 working days after signing the contract and receiving the relevant payment. After the purchaser pays the relevant payment according to the contract, we provide the goods to the purchaser and deliver them to the designated location by the purchaser according to the agreed time and method.
1.4Warranty period guarantee
Our company promises to provide quality assurance services for the products provided according to the detailed after-sales service terms (detailed warranty period requirements in Article 3.1.2). During the service period, our company will provide free warranty and repair services, and provide lifelong free technical support. Our company promises that if the main software and hardware equipment of the product malfunctions or is damaged due to design or quality issues, our company will be responsible for arranging maintenance and replacement, and regularly conducting follow-up visits to the purchaser to ensure that all equipment and systems can work properly.
1.5 Service working hours guarantee
Our company provides 7 * 24 hours service for the Home energy storage products of East . We promise to respond within 24 hours after receiving user fault notifications. If remote support (phone and network) cannot solve the problem, our company's staff will work with local distributors or installers to diagnose the fault within 48 hours and eliminate it as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation of the system, After processing, report the processing status to the user.