6. Overseas After-sales Response Mechanism

Overseas after-sales response mechanism refers to the establishment of a response mechanism for after-sales service when our company sells products in overseas markets together with local distributors for operation and maintenance in the region. This mechanism includes the following aspects:

6.1 Establish a local service center
When EAST sells products in overseas markets, distributors need to establish local service centers so that customers can get timely services when they need to repair or replace products.
6.2 Establish a local service hotline
ealers need to establish a local service hotline so that customers can contact the after-sales service team at any time to solve problems.
6.3  Provide online service support
East provides online service support on its website so that customers can check relevant information at any time and get timely help.
6.4  Formulate after-sales service standards
East has established clear after-sales service standards so that customers can receive standardized services when they need them.

6.5 Establish customer feedback mechanism
The official channel and website of EAST home energy storage & portable energy storage have established a customer feedback mechanism so that customers can report problems to the company in a timely manner and get timely solutions.
6.6 East overseas sellers, distributors and installers
Responsible for the overseas after-sales service of EAST products, and support consumers to solve product after-sales problems in the region. During the warranty period, the headquarters of EAST Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. provides free support for overseas technology and after-sales products or spare parts. The warranty period The headquarters of East Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. also provides support for overseas technology and after-sales products or spare parts, but charges a certain fee according to the actual situation.
The establishment of an overseas after-sales response mechanism will improve the brand's competitiveness in overseas markets, enhance customers' trust and loyalty to the company, and improve customer satisfaction with product use.