5. Service Plan

5.1 Program overview
5.1.1 Customer service plan
In line with the business tenet of "customer- centric , creating value for customers", our company continuously improves service quality while ensuring the advanced nature, reliability and stability of the equipment, from after-sales equipment maintenance management, technical services, customer Technical training and other aspects ensure that customers can get the best maintenance and fastest technical support.
With the help of professional staffing, the services and support provided by our company cover many fields such as product planning and design, product installation, system maintenance and warranty, and customer training, and run through the entire process of customer product debugging, installation and operation.
5.1.2 System Maintenance Warranty
It covers multiple service items such as remote support (telephone and network), on-site support and spare parts supply. Our company has established a unified customer service department, which accepts customers' after-sales consultation and fault declaration through fixed telephone and email, and provides remote online support and on-site service. Our company has established a complete spare parts supply system to provide customers with fast spare parts supply services.
5.2 Operation and maintenance department
The customer service department provides customers with 7*24 hours of after-sales technical support. Our company's customer service department has a team of technical support engineers with strong technical strength; it has perfect solutions to technical problems, and can quickly and effectively dispatch and use technical resources.
The customer service department will provide customers with a full range of services, responsible for the maintenance of user hardware equipment, technical guidance to engineering personnel, consultation with users, establishment of after-sales service files, coordination and dispatch of capable technical personnel to solve problems raised by users.
5.3 Service method
The customer service department implements a hotline 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and solves customer problems with the fastest speed and the highest quality.
In addition to reporting problems through the hotline, customers can also report problems by fax or email.
5.4 Support Response
On-site service: Our company's customer service staff will diagnose the fault within 24 hours after receiving the customer's notice, and arrange to remove the fault within 48 hours for common faults to ensure the normal operation of the system; if it cannot be repaired, negotiate with the dealer or installer to arrange replacement of the same type Equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the system, and to provide the customer with a processing report after the processing is completed.
Our company will conduct a daily online operation data inspection of the equipment every month, and conduct random telephone return visits to regional users every quarter to ensure that all equipment and systems can work normally.
5.5 Emergency breakdown repair service
The first-level fault is the highest-level fault and must be dealt with immediately. Our company mobilizes resources in the region to organize the implementation. In the shortest possible time, the customer service department organizes an emergency team to provide telephone support, remote diagnosis, and arranges and coordinates local engineers to rush to the scene for processing.
When the emergency failure is not recovered within 24 hours, the customer service department is responsible for organizing local technical personnel to conduct a joint consultation, provide technical support to the on-site engineers to troubleshoot, and organize the company's technical personnel to rush to the site to deal with the problem if necessary.
5.6 Spare parts support service
For the products used when the area reaches a certain scale, our company provides corresponding spare parts inventory in our warehouse for after-sales service of the project.
5.7 Warranty Service
Our company provides overall quality assurance services for the products we provide, and promises to provide lifelong maintenance services for the products provided by our company, and we will charge maintenance costs outside the warranty period.
5.8 Personalized service
Our company promises to provide life-long service for the products we supply.
After the expiration of the warranty period, our company's response time and service quality promises remain unchanged.
After the expiration of the warranty period, our company still provides technical consultation to customers, and only charges appropriate maintenance costs for the maintenance of customers' equipment failures.
5.9 Warranty coverage
Equipment failures caused by quality problems, natural damage or unreasonable technical design are within the normal warranty scope during the warranty period. Our company diagnoses and eliminates faults for free, including replacement of equipment parts.

5.10  Emergency maintenance of equipment
After receiving the customer's urgent maintenance request, the customer service department will send personnel to the site for emergency maintenance within the promised time limit, and fill in the work results in the "User Equipment Emergency Maintenance Record". The company's after-sales service emergency contact person Yang Bin, contact number: +86 13620995453, email: yangbin@eastups.com.
5.11 Regular return visits and inspections
The customer service department regularly visits customers, conducts inspections, and fills in the "User Return Visit Feedback Information Form".
Regarding the feedback information and inspection issues, the customer service department will work with the company's technology department and other relevant departments to judge that if it is indeed a project quality problem, the warranty period will be implemented in accordance with the terms of the contract. After the warranty period, the customer service department will propose a treatment plan and communicate with The user negotiates to resolve.
5.12 Answer user questions
The customer service department should patiently answer the user's consultation and questions about the system until the user is satisfied, and can send on-site guidance if necessary. The work results are filled in the "User Answers and Guidance Records".
5.13 Customer Complaint System
(1) The customer service department accepts users' complaints about product quality problems at any time, and records them in the "User Complaints and Handling Records" after receiving the complaints.
(2) According to the customer complaints, the customer service department, together with the technical department and other relevant departments of the company, judges that it is indeed a product quality problem. During the warranty period, it will be implemented in accordance with the after-sales terms. After the warranty period, the customer service department will propose a solution and negotiate with the user. The processing results are filled in the "User Complaints and Processing Records".