Rated High Power Outputt


High Capacity


Super Fast Charging

Two-way Inverter


With EPS

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Outdoor Traveling

Power Outage Emergency

Expedition and Disaster Relief

RV Self-driving

Double Capacity, Double Happiness

With the optional extra battery pack, the power can be in place in one step, up to 7.2 KWH, meeting the long-term power consumption needs of a family for outdoor vacations

Power-up packs need to be purchased separately


Powerful 2400W Output

Compatible with 99% of Common Appliances

208 Hrs


16-30 Hrs


2 Hrs

Microwave oven

1.5 Hrs

Air Conditioner 

2 Hrs

Coffee Maker

16.5 Hrs


130 Times


193 Times

Cell Phone

36 Hrs

Car Refrigerator

4 Hrs


35 Times


≥60 Times.



1.5H Full Charge is Fast Enough to Enjoy


Super Fast Charging,Two-way Inverter


High Capacity


Flexible Power Supply, Longtime to Use.

4 Ways Charging

AC Charging

0%-80%≈ 1h


Solar Panel Charging (MPPT)

≈ 4h/400W(max)

Car Charging

≈ 30h/100W @ 12V car

Diesel Generator

0%-80% ≈ 1h

0%-100%≈ 1.5h


Smart App Control

Control Outdoor Electricity With One Hand

Connect to smart APP via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to easily realize power monitoring/function setting/remote control/system upgrade

Removable LED light with magnet.

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Lamp with Magnet

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Hang Hook for Camping

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High Brightness Lighting

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Reading Mode

LifePO4 Battery for Safe Use

UL approved automotive grade lithium iron phosphate batteries are used.

Which are safer, more stable,high temperature resistant and longer lifespan.


LifePO4 Battery for Safe Use

3500 +

Cell Cycle Life

Battery Capacity (Max)>85%

Geskow XT1500

3500+ Cycle life 

Other Brand

500+ Cycle life 

More than 10 years of use: According to charging/discharging (full discharge) every two days as a power cycle, it can still be used after 3500 times, and the battery capacity still has about 80% of the initial capacity, 3500 times x 2÷365 days > 10 years


9 Professional QualityInspections

Strictly Observe the Safety of Electricity

IQC Inspection

Cell Capacity

Battery on Line Testing

PCBA Testing

Semi-Finished Product Testing

Aging Testing

Finished Product Testing

Finished Product Inspection

QA Sampling

Excellent More than One Side

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Pure Sine Wave is more Compatible

As Safe as Home Electricity

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2x 15W Wireless Charging

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Clear Screen for Display

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94-V0 Anti-fire Housing

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Removable LED Light

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Full Metal Frame,More stronger

XT2400 Specification

Capacity 2456Wh; 3500+ Cycle life
AC Outlet 4* U.S. standard 3-hole socket;2* Euro Jack;2* China Jack;Rated output:1500W
Charging Ways AC Outlet;Solar Panel;Fuel engine charging
AC Charging Speed 2000W; 0%—80% in 1.0h;0%—100% in 1.5h
Solar Charging Power MPPT Max: 800W
Lighting Removable lighting with both floodlight (for close-range illumination) and spotlight (for long-range illumination). 4 Outputs for floodlight: high, low, SOS
Wireless Charging 2* 15W;independent outputs
DC Output Protection Short circuit/overcurrent/under voltage/over voltage/over temperature, automatic recovery from abnormality to prevent reverse input
Car Charge Output Protection Short circuit / overcurrent / undervoltage, automatic recovery from abnormality, reverse connection protection circuit, withstand voltage 0-40V
AC Output Protection At least: short circuit / overcurrent / input undervoltage (10.8-12V) / output undervoltage (90V) / output overvoltage (120V) / over temperature 80℃ (MOS and transformer) / automatic recovery / reset message from inverter to control board in case of fault signal
Certificates UL, CE, FCC,PSE, RoHS,MSDS