Overseas Sales Manager

Minimum Education:

Undergraduate course

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Overseas Sales Manager Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for energy storage, PV module sales and market maintenance, and complete sales targets;
2. Maintain and establish customer relationships, expand existing customer relationships, and develop new customers;
3. Lead the regional team and daily communication with customers, confirm the order, negotiate the corresponding terms of the sales contract, agreed price, product quantity, etc., and coordinate internally and externally to deal with business, technical, financial and other related issues;
4. Assist the marketing director to participate in the discussion and decision-making of major overseas projects;
5. Strictly implement the company's assessment mechanism to ensure that sales returns and profits can be effectively controlled;
6. Pay attention to regional exhibitions and summits, do a good job in brand marketing and customer mining, and grasp the cutting-edge market trends


job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing/business management /international trade;
2. 5-10 years of sales work experience, 3 years or more of energy storage and PV module sales management experience;
3. Familiar with the policies, markets and customer pain points of the country where the overseas region is located, and be able to make corresponding product planning, certification requirements, market strategy layout, etc. for the regional market;
4. Proficient in international marketing knowledge, in-depth understanding of components and related professional knowledge, familiar with the development of the industry, and knowledge of laws, finances, and financing;
5. Possess strong leadership, planning, organization, coordination, and interpersonal skills, as well as strong oral and written expression skills;
6. English can be used as a daily working language.